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Step 1.

Watch the Position Webinar. This quick two-minute video will help you determine whether being a Transitional Coach is a good fit for you.

Step 2.

Click on the below Fee Schedule, locate the state of your interest, and review the state's pay schedule. 

Step 3.

Click the below button to access the minimum qualifications by state.

Step 4.

Click through the Monthly Influencer Goals. These are additional earnings available to all Transitional Coaches!

Over $12k in annual bonuses

Step 5.

Read the job description

Step 6.

Locate current openings in your community.

Step 7.

If you find the Transitional Coach position an excellent fit, just click and apply below! We recommend you apply using a laptop or desktop computer.

Please text: (202) 740-9310 with any questions. Due to the number of applicants, it may take 24 hours to receive a response. 


woman 13

Alexis, LMFT

Licensed Transitional Coach

“ This has been the best experience of my professional career."

Eric, APC
Licensed Transitional Coach

Smiling Woman

“Thank you for this great opportunity!"

Rachel, LCSW

Licensed Transitional Coach

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